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Piriu Cristian

Please update your article. The first jet plane in the world was Henry Coanda's plane in 1910.
So this romanian invented the jet engine. Please excuse my language mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker. Thank you.


Hi, there... Cristi is right Henry Coanda inveted the Jet engine. As well as the first laser it looks like...
I wonder why everybody around the globe are neglecting these things...
i can go on and make a big list with very important Romanian inventions ...


"Original idea of the jet engine came from Rene Lovin (1908), but it was Henry Coanda who built the first model in 1909. A 40hp engine moved a turbine, which replaced the propeller. It was a complete failure. However, it did manage to get off the ground, but Coanda took fright when he saw flames steaming from the engine, the plane lost height and crashed."


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Jordan Spizike

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