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Hi, yeah, I'm with you on this, this is something that is 'not surprising' - a 'given' really. I like how they mention superficial details such as changing "desktop wallpapers" and "ringtones" because thats where the technology and market is at... (well, perhaps for the teenage girls...)


Yes this is just what the world needs. I can think of the excitement in Aceh, Eritrea, Panama and Timor Leste when this news gets out. if we're so clever, why don't we focus tech on people who could really benefit? (confession: I wear leather shoes, go to see pictures, drive an MPV, drink beer, trade stocks, am a consultant ie. tart and consume vast quantities of plastic i part of the prolem or part of the solution?) but goodness gracious! couldn't the clever people on this planet find something more useful to do? or do we just blame the mktg dept...

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