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I think the Hydrogen Highway is a significant and dangerous distraction.

The world is waking up to that, slowly, but it still damages our progress. We should be moving to cleaner, and less import-dependent energy sources right now. Unfortunately the general press and public have this idea that the Hydrogen Highway is right around the corner. That slows everyone down, and keeps them from thinking about the personal choices they will have to make. It is treated as a “get out of jail free” card.

To add just one other recent article, popular science says:

“…Yet the truth is that we aren’t much closer to a commercially viable hydrogen-powered car than we are to cold fusion or a cure for cancer. This hardly surprises engineers, fuel cell manufacturers and policymakers, who have known all along that the technology has been hyped, perhaps to its detriment, and that the public has been misled about what Howard Coffman, editor of, describes as the “undeniable realities of the hydrogen economy.” These experts are confident that the hydrogen economy will arrive—someday. But first, they say, we have to overcome daunting technological, financial and political roadblocks. Herewith, our checklist of misconceptions and doubts about hydrogen and the exalted fuel cell.”,20967,927469,00.html

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