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Joakim Faxvaag


Almost nobody is using a clock in Norway anylonger, and the cellphones are already outnumbering the population. But the last year, I think, we've seen a rise in cool, expensive watches, while all the cheap watches for people over 12 years of age have almost disapeared.



I've been using my cellphone as a watch for many years now. It's great for traveling within the US across time-zones... but I've come into snags a few times in Europe (forgot my phone wasn't EU-capable).


A cell phone, palm, or whatever else is convenient, but a nice pocketwatch is still even more convenient -- and just a little bit classy.


Same thing happened to me - watch died and never got around to getting another one, even when I thought I couldn't live without one being so time-conscious. That was a year and a half ago. Although a watch is convenient, 95% of the time some other gadget is around.

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