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moe hong

I admit the design is a huge improvement and the label layout, typography etc. are terrific - but who is really enough of a consumer whore to abandon local businesses that keep the profits inside the community and start buying their medicines at a big box that pays a few cents over minimum wage just because of an improvement in design? Or is that a stupid question?


Don't know how it is in your world but where I live there are very few locally owned and operated pharmacies. They are all national chains with similar business practices to the big box retailers. Changing from Walgreens or CVS to Target is a vote for design. The reason they are successful is that they offer a superior product. If this drives Walgreens to up the ante and provide an even better design I'll switch back. Why would you look down upon someone who votes for design with their dollars? Pay practices are an important issue but not the point here.


Since Walgreens makes a 2000% markup on their generic drugs, I don't feel particularly inclined to remain loyal regardless of how they package their drugs. We have no personally owned pharmacies that are clean enough to attract my business, so Target gets my vote.


There are only six different colors for their rings on the rx bottles. What color will the 7th family member get? I don't think that Target has thought that far ahead!

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