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Peter it is not difficult to engineer this. There are good and poor people in every field. The engineers designing plastic card readers are poor. They dont field test their products and get customer responses.

stupid gas

Credit Card Readers on Gas Pumps

"It seemed like he had to deal with this issue many times a day."
(We do, and if the card is not accepted, and the customer drives off, who pays for the gas? We do!)
"When will the customers learn one must think like a the person who designed these credit card readers? "(When they all get redesigned to think like the average person.)
"Why do gas stations and ATM machines insist customers do things just their way. Is it really more difficult to assume people will do what people do and make your systems adapt to the users?" (Thats business!)

"Buying gas is all about speed and convenience." (From the gas station's point of view buying gas is not only about speed and convenience but also accuracy, quality, and gas.)

"If I was that customer I'd never come back to that station on principle. That clerk can go on wondering why so many customers can't seem to decipher the signs and diagrams. Maybe the station across the street is easier." (It ain't the clerk's job to think on these things contact the owner! The clerk smiles, greets you, takes you money gives you change, says have a nice day come again, and gets a low cut pay check to go along with the blue collar at the end of the week.)

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