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Arlene Kaufman

I have owned and leased Mercedes Benz automobiles for over 12 years. I would like to send a letter to the CEO of Mercedes Benz that, I believe, will shed some light as to why Mercedes Auto sales have dropped.

Please email me his name and address.

Thank you.

Arlene Kaufman

Louise Leve

Please send name and address of C.E.O.

Thank you


I'm launching a world wide dating service that utilizes four types that should only date each other. only 1 in 4 will be your type and 1 in 24 an eact match. plan on selling this idea to mercedes for the smart cars 'for lovers' 4 different colored cars to show your type. think it will fly? thank you

James Terral

I would like to know the contack info. for the Canada dealers that sell the "Smart Car"

Mr Albert Rogers

Dear Sir,

I need ipod quote in your store,


Mr Albert Rogers

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