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Steve Portigal

I totally agree with your choice to get outa Dodge. Why do you think everyone else was willing to stand in line? At what point do they have a noticeable impact on business and have a financial incentive to do better?


What do you expect? It's razor thin margins with employees who have no real allegience to their employer--you're going to get crappy service.

Low prices AND good service? Sure, it's not too much to expect but in today's Wal-Mart society it's going to be a rarity.

And all this focus on buzz and hype is part of the problem . . .


the problem is (all together now) that they JUST DON'T CARE. Not one bit. At all. Not the employees, not the store mangers, not the senior mangers. Not at all.


This is NOT a problem on just the weekens, being a stay-@-home dad I have been @ Best Buy a various times and their registers are always a MESS!

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