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What a complete waste of time, money, and effort. Palm Pilots for the students—and what got cut out in terms of time and mindshare for these devices? Nothing is "free" and this does little to prepare these students for their future. When you see Germany and Japan providing these to their students then you'll know there's something to worry about. Until then, this is yet another example of what's wrong with public education in the U.S.—a focus on gadgetry and quick fixes instead of the basics. It's Atkins for education.

Be prepared for tech-savvy co-workers. By the time they can work they'll know how to reset a Palm Pilot and load an application on it but that device will be 15 years old and their "knowledge" will be completely worthless.

Good grief.


Hello, I actually attend Avery Coonley. (8th grade)

Interestingly enough, the younger students certainly do use them, though older students practically never touch them. (mine hard reset several months ago) Funds were raised through an auction.

The majority of us agree with Patrick.

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