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Actually, that's kinda a deal. If you assume the guy works 70 hours a week over 50 work weeks (3500 work-hours), it works out to an annual salary of $2.66MM by my calculations.

Considering HP is paying Carly Fiorina a $3.44MM salary while she presides over a 55% drop in share price - maybe it is a deal... Well, it isn't a horrible price to pay - they do have a horrible job in front of them.

Steve Portigal

How does his high salary (yes, yes, CEOs are highly paid) have anything to do with the company following or ignoring your thoughts? How does A->B?

Look at this amazing bucket of popcorn; therefore you should mow my lawn.

Not trying to be contrarian, but your post confuses me!

Troy Worman

Compared to other US CEOs, $760/hour seems high.

I didn't read the article. What is he going to make on stock options and bonuses? Will he receive a bones regardless of company performance? Most CEOs do.

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