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steven streight aka vaspers the grate

I agree wholeheadedly.

My blog works the exact same way. In fact, I operate on the Seth Godin approach: perfect your product (my blog) more and more and more, then you increase your chances that if a big client stumbles upon you, he'll be impressed and give you much business.

A computer book publisher stumbled upon my web usability blog and asked me to write a book for them. I put my blog URL on every promotion piece, if I had pens or coffee mugs, it would be on them. Blog URL on my business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc.

Drop by my site sometime and see what I have to offer. You may be interested in such Vaspers The Grate posts as:

* Characteristics of Web Site Content (18 "R"s)
* Wikis and Blikis: Beyond the Blog
* Blogs: the New Ham Radio?
* CEO Blogs: Polish Them Up Please
* Primary Purpose of the Web (is NOT "communication"!)
* Content Hypertext Spam
* Comment Spammers: internet pigs and how they feed
* Buzzwords vs. Benefits
* Basic Guide to Power Blogging
* Altruistic vs. Narcissistic Web Sites
* Blog Voice: how to command attention
* Blogs as Deconstructionist Monsters
* Horrible Web Monstrosities

and much more.

My blog is like my digital sample portfolio. It is my #1 Salesperson for my business of web usability analysis.

jennifer Rice

That's exactly how I use my blog. I'm selling how I think. What better way to showcase how I think than my blog? I direct everyone to my blog and it closes the sale for me. So much more effective than a static web site or brochure.

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