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That Cadillac race car is their 2004 entry in the Speed World Challenge, which is a US road racing series.

Historically, road racing has been the more high brow form of auto racing. NASCAR, and oval racing in general, have been viewed as belonging to the masses. That's why I don't think Cadillac should go to NASCAR. It's an interesting idea, but it's better to have cars like the CTS-V racing against (and kicking ass of) marques such as Volvo, Audi, and Porsche.

Leave NASCAR to Chevrolet!


Why would they do NASCAR, there are no longer any stock parts is a "stock car", NOT ONE!!


Cadillac should introduce their new culture by joining Nascar. They need exposure to the brand loyal demographics of Nascar enthusiast. What better way to have their entry level CTS run with Sponsorships with Baby Boomer's interest. After all, Cadillac's new advertising campaign is all about performance, not your grandfather' old car. Bottom line, Nascar is the fastest and most profitable market in America today, and full of brand loyal fans.

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