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Melinda Cato

I desperately need advice. My husband has had 3 massive strokes, We have a 1994 E-150 handicap van. Last July it started just cutting off while riding down the road, no warning, My husband would lose power steering brakes etc, a very dangerous situation. We have carried it to 10 different mechanics since that time, replaced every possible part you can imagine, including a computer and fuel pump, over $3000. in repairs and to this date the problem is not corrected. We desperately need a handicap van, he is totally disabled and wheelchair bound, We have had to declare bankruptcy due to his medical condition. We have tried to trade for another handicap van and were turned down, even though we have not missed one payment or been late on our van or house. I have checked into the SC LemonLaws, I am at my wits end, and my husband is all but ready to give up. Please tell us who might finance us, or any suggestions would be appreciated. Please Respond, I desperately need some advise.


There was a company called AMS Vans that helped my family in a similar situation last year. They helped with financing and delivery more so than any other company I looked at. I felt like they cared about me and wanted to help. Their website is . I hope that they can help you and your husband. I remember how frustrating it was to deal with unreliable transportation.
Best wishes,

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