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this list is for rich folks.


How much tax will be owed by the favorite thing recepients?

janet squillaro

i want to be on your favorite things show- not because i'm needy or poor or ugly but because i am good and wonderful, in the eyes of God. i deserve all these wonderful things for myself and and will get them and i expect that you will be notifying mne soon to be on your show.

janet squillaro

I am a nut ball.

Cindy Kahner

I would love to come to your show and help past out all of your favorite things. Just to be a part of it, feeling all that energy, what a piece of serendipity. Thanks for always sharing and caring, Your the best Oprah,my all around you have a bless Holiday, may the magic of Christmas be yours throughout the year!


Admiring your favorite things


Oprah is awesome


I would love to be on Oprah's favorite things show because I look up to her for her generosity, wisdom and inner beauty. I have been struggling with weight loss and I have finally seen the light at the end on the tunnel. Ophrah has led the way for me and I look at her everyday and know that there is hope for me. I would love to meet her and thank her personally for being an inspiration for me and countless others. I have lost over 90 pounds along with my sister, who's lost over 100 pounds, looking at Oprah now I know that it is all possible and the hard work is really worth it.

Thank you Oprah. Please let me come to your show.

kimberly sears

Hi Oprah, I loved your favoreite things show. I'm trying to find the items on line right now. Ilove any great pampering essentials. I have more time to surf and watch your show. I am in between jobs right now and trying to plan a wedding for September 05. I would love to visit your show. You are such a blessing, Kimberly Sears.


hey oprah, i hope i have a merry christmas. I also hope, u focuse ur giving to the needy.


If it wasn't for Ophrah advertising the Neptune washer & dryer, my wife would not have known about them and asked to get them and now I am stuck with (2) defective lemons.
I blame Ophrah, because all the money Maytag spends to pay her advertising cost had to have come from the Maytag service department budget, and i get stuck with slow service. Lets see Ophra go 2 weeks waiting for a service man to find time to fix her Warrantied Washer/dryers.. If she had called Maytag January 24th like i did, i bet her machines would have been fixed real fast.


I'm a huge fan of you Oprah and I would love to come on any one of your shows. Thank you

Eric Factor

Merry Christmas Oprah - I never watch your show, but I read the reviews of all the good that you do . My mom watches everyday and is always saying " Oprah did this wonderful thing and that wonderful thing " . I could use a few things myself, but for sure there are many more in need than myself - good job helping those less fortunate - the world needs more people like you.

A Co

Here is a site that compiles all of Oprah's Favorite Things with links to buy them as well as a charity giving guide for 2006.

A Co

Here is the site:


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