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Steve Portigal

Hadn't heard about the new roller tray package - that seems pretty cool. I'm VERY impressed with the paint cans, however, and find them a great example to share with clients about how things COULD be - here's a company that used design to revamp a long-standing design which was filled with flaws, but basically tolerated. Regular paint cans SUCK - that's why there are those ridiculous Tupperware-type aftermarket lids available to keep the drips at bar - they mostly work, but imagine a product that requires the purchase of a secondary lid to really work properly. A LID?

Dutch Boy are geniuses, and I'm glad to see someone calling attention to 'em!

Michele Miller

Oh yeah, women are capable of using the old paint cans... thank God someone got their head out over at Dutch Boy and had the revelation of creating the Twist & Pour container. Great design, still holds the same amount of paint, and costs an average of $2 more a gallon. Will women pay more for great design? You best your booty -- Dutch Boy's revenues TRIPLED in their first year with this design. Brilliant!

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