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Dave Lakhani

As a 200 day a year frequent flier, I think the real key for airlines is to stop using phone service and future web access as revenue centers and use them as inticements to keep seats full. As much as I would love to have wireless access on a plane, unless the trip was over four hours I wouldn't pay the suggested $20 connection fee unless it was urgent.

I look forward to the day that the airlines realize that they are in the business of promoting business rather than taking advantage of business travelers because the first airline to do that, and to facilitate business being done on their planes and in their airports will be overbooked all the time.

Peter Davidson

Dave, I totally agree with you. I should have been more clear. When I said business travelers would pay a premium I meant they would be more loyal and willing to pay a FEW dollars more in fare. They're not willing to pay extra add on fees and charges. The airlines should see telecommunications as essential to their offering not add ons.

I agree that the first airline to support biz people and not nickel and dime them will win big!

Thanks for your comment.

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