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David Paull

I wonder what the thought process is for an attorney or legal team when deciding whether or not to accept a celebrity for their jury? I suppose if they (the defense or prosecution) feel the celebrity will be sympathetic to their side, they would want them as a potentially influential force with the rest of the jury. But, on the other hand, I could see the celebrity being a distraction and possibly taking attention away from the case.


Another potential perspective would be that maybe Oprah is "ordinary" enough to bitch about having to do jury duty just like most citizens do :) Seriously - civic duty or not, most citizens show up for the same reason she copped to - I've never heard anyone happily go do it without at least wishing they could catch a break. So, IMHO it took some nerve to be so honest when she could have just floated a sound bite and come across like St. Oprah ...


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