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Walking across the square is like walking over a magical glowing sea of sparkly lights. These are Tsola Lights. As well as looking beautiful, they have a huge technological advantage: they are powered only by daylight. During the day they use their internal solar cells to make their own electricity. There are no running costs, they must be the most environmentally friendly lights around.

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appreciating you for your kindness that you have made a

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Solar Soji Lanterns provide color and unique glow without electrical cords or wires. With their built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery, all that you need to do is hang it were it looks best and that’s it!

San Diego Solar Panel

They are absolutely beautiful these kind of lights would be perfect for parks and carnivals I wonder how much they cost they would be perfect to install on my garden since I am looking for a way to save more on cutting the lights on my garden.

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