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Paul W. Swansen

I ran, literally, across something similar in Springfield Illinois. In this case it was a lighted left hand turn lane. I wish I'd taken a picture. When the left hand turn light came on at the intersection, lights in the pavement, illuminated the way for the left hand turn. Very cool. As Tom Peters would say, Design WOW!


Where can I find these? Are they affordable enough for home application? They would look great in the patio I am currently laying.

Melanie Kerr

Please note that Paver Light is a registered trademark owned by Kerr Lighting. Please change your web page and search accordingly.



I found this webside and to tell you that, this will be the future in all homes and sidewalks. The Solar crystal brick lights are the best of the best I seen so go and see it for yourself.


I am looking for solar powered brick patio pavers. Can you help?


HI . Where can i buy these lights in Australia?

Bruce Custer

Do you have a catalog of solar power paver lights? Please mail to the following address:

Bruce Custer
46705 Stonebrook Ct.
Sterling, VA 20164

Anthony Patti

Hello everyone,

The professional grade paver light offers a beautiful accent to any interlocking concrete pavement, in addition to adding safety and security. Our products are UL listed, and completely water proof. They are un-affected by deicing salts, ocean environments, and will not grow weeds inside the lens. Once installed, they are maintenance free and will provide a 15,000 hour service life. lamp modules are easily replaced in about a minute.

Phyllis Ergo

I found a new solar poaver. Visit

Mitci Allen

I love the pavestone solar pavers. They are the same size as the other pavestone pavers so you just pop one out and put in a solar pavestone. I have had numerous compliments about how pretty they are and the added light. They are also a good security feature.
Mitci Allen

tony scandiffio

where do i buy theses lights , thanks tony


We are Manufactures of Paver Lights Solar powered suitable for domestic and commercial applications.We are A BRITISH COMPANY AND PROUD OF IT.

Vince Cavallaro

Im looking for 50 solar brick pavers with size of 4 1/2 x 7. Can you help with a Number. Thank you

John R. De Carlis

I need solar pavers size 5.2 by 5.2 inches. or 13,21cm X 13.21cm or 15.75 x 15.75inches

John Huang

Hi everyone, companies are doing some great things with solar LED architectural lighting. Would love to hear your thoughts on our line at!



If you're interested in solar pavers, we have a variety of shapes and sizes. You can see our products and pricing at .

Pavers Encinitas

I am a paver installer but have never installed solar paver lights. However, I can see the advantage over low voltage lights because they don't need wire connections or a transformer. But what kind of light do they give off?

Pavers Encinitas

Paver Website

Solar Powered Lights in pavers will make a nice looking park in the city.

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