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Katherine Stone

I am a HUGE football fan - both NFL and college. New Years Day is a special day for me -what with all those bowl games to watch. And I have NFL Ticket on DirecTV so I can watch whatever game I want. During the season I watch football on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and my husband likes to say I'm probably the only wife who understands what a "cover two" is. But the fact is I know a lot of women who love football. I just hope the networks and marketers don't pander to us females -- I only want to see a female sideline reporter if she knows what the hell she's talking about!

Karen Harrison

I work in the marketing department at Show Me-Tickets and we are looking for baseball players sites that would potentially be interested in setting up deals with us for text links. We are looking to place two text links within your pages. Please let me know if you would be interested and at what rate per month. We are not looking to do reciprocals, just paid links.


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