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Yvonne DiVita

Regarding wi-fi in the malls...will it hurt or help? I'm ready for it. Get it installed right now, please. Have laptop, will travel. Oh...I bet the mall thinks while I'm there I'll buy something...hmmmmm...being a woman, and being a woman who studies the shopping habits of other and off...the short answer is maybe (anyone with a Mother knows what that means--usually yes; when it's a Dad saying it, it means, I have to ask your Mother.) The long answer is that women are not only flocking to the net to shop, they're setting up business there. Do we want wi-fi in the malls? Yes, for when we're traveling...some of our friends and older relatives are still stuck in the Dick and Jane world of the 20th century so we need wi-fi access when visiting them. Otherwise, I'm going to sit back and watch the malls become...emptier and emptier. Even teens are eschewing them as gathering places. But, I wax on...let me sum up: mousing it is the best way to shop today. Anyone on the global-edge knows that--and wi-fi makes that easy to do no matter where we are. Even at the mall.

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