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hello sir,
i'm about to submit a technical paper on "hybrid Engines" .so i kindly herewith help me by giving technical assistance so that i can submit my paper in my college.
i will be greatful for the assistance you will be providing for me in bringing out this paper.

thanking u ,
eagerly waiting
for ur reply

S.Shankar Ramakrishnan


iam planning to continue my higher studies in automobiles.iam interested in the field of hybrid engine technology.can you guide me in this field explaining the technicalities of this theory.iam planning to submit a paper on this subject in my college.It sounds good if you help me out in this matter.
awaiting a positive reply.

amar prasad

i m a student of mechanical engg..
i have to submit a paper on hybrid engines....

so plz help me ... tell what is hybrid engine all about.....

plz reply soon....

Ganesh s. auti

sir I am a student of mech engg. and I have to submit a paper on hybrid engines so you please help me to bring out the paper for my college compitition I will be very thnkful to you. thank you.

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