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johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

Interesting ... this strategy of "leveraging access points" is the same strategic rationale behind Starbucks hooking up with Kozmo back in the dot-com days. Now, there are differences between what Starbucks did and what McDonald's is testing. But, the principle of finding growth opportunities through leveraging untapped resources, like real estate locations, is the same.

David Paull

It's always been a frustration that you can't rent a movie at one Blockbuster location (for instance) and return to another (closer to where you are the day it is due back). In addition to your road trippers notion is the hometown convenience of being able to rent and return at convenient locations based on the day and not have to return to the point of origin.

Michele Miller

Dan Shaver, the head of marketing for this project, happens to be my neighbor. I have to honestly say that when he told me about this venture I was skeptical, but it seems to be working!

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