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Is the Build A bear workshop in Wiscousin Dells, Wiscousin Open. I would like to go there and buy a bear


I also own a "Bear Mill Franchise" in Amarillo, Texas and will celebrate our 2 year anniversary in June. I am very satisfied with the product and the experience. I have people all the time that would rather shop at my store than at BABW because they receive more attention and it is more personal. We have a different take on the concept with so many different features available. I am completely satisfied with my franchise and feel that more people should take advantage of such a great opportunity. BABW needs some real competition not just people buying a machine, some product and calling it "Build a Friend" and that is exactly what "The Bear Mill" is. Please visit our web site for more franchise information or e-mail me directly [email protected]


please i m strongly interested in openining a b.a b.w frichising workshop here in milan italy can u send me all the details.


Hello. I live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and would like to know if build a bear workshops have a franchise available to purchase in this vicinity. There are only 2 stores that I am aware of in Victoria - and both are a l-o-n-g way from bustling Geelong. Thank you

Thomas Chan

Just a quick note to say The Bear Mill Franchise has changed its name to Teddy Mountain (

air jordan

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Supra skytop

Today is not yesterday. We ourselves change. How then can our works and thoughts, if they are always to be fittest, continue always the same?

air yeezys

That love, not time, heals all wounds?

air yeezy

No matter how gluttonous devouring all the time, we need to breathe at this time, and strive to win our reputation, the sickle of time can not hurt us. - William Shakespeare

lynn chesser

i would love to open a build a bear store in north italy does anyone know how?

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