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Very interesting post. I dislike Starbucks, but a part of me admires their marketing genius; I'll be on the lookout to see if any of your predictions come true. Also, don't forget that Starbucks is about to begin 'Phase Two' of its operation:


for books on demand.. given their relationships with a number of bookstores, that may cause problems... but great ideas...

PB could definitely provide chairs etc... you could really buy the entire freaking store, beyond just the music, cups, appliances, and beans

Tony Gill

Very insightful comments indeed - great job in connecting the dots! For people who fluff off places like Starbucks as places simply to buy a cup of Joe, they're missing the larger point. I discussed the ever expanding role of coffee houses in my blog shortly before Christmas, here's a quote that relates to your piece: "Today, as in years gone by, freedom is not in the tallest structures in the world, but in small coffee shops on street corners where people gather to exchange information and ideas, to read a newspaper or magazine, or to connect to the Internet with laptop computers or wireless handheld devices to check their email and, perhaps, post notes to their websites on a Saturday morning." Here's the link to the full post:


starbucks is an amazing coffee store with the lounging coffee is the most amazing invention

Jimmy Pittsburgh

The devils coffee hahaha I guess once you become a big corporation you need to do innovative things to keep people coming. 3 years later Starbucks stock is falling and they continue to exploit the small farmers from 3rd world countries where they buy their coffee rant for the day

new balance

Mutual forgiveness of each vice, such are the gates of Paradise. Do you understand?


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air yeezys

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keylogger Mac

starbucks is an amazing coffee store with the lounging coffee is the most amazing invention. I do agree.

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