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Rock Kauffman

Nate is a aquaintness of mine professionally.i havent seen him in over a year,however the last time i talked with him he was on his cell boarding a plane to milan italy as a guest to the D/g party.he is talented and a great guy.he is a natural!as a designer my self i have all the confidence he has arrived!!
he is connected and has the best support " pr "in the buisness.i live in grandrapids mi and have been told we are alot a like in style and personality.i feel honored to even be considered in his company.i commend nate and support all of his spirit.sincerly,Rock kauffman


nate is HOT!


Nate is a classic nice guy that knows his stuff.
I recently became a fan! While his design(s) are great, I also have found myself dressing very Nateesque. Great easy style and no fuss dressing. He's one of the few guys (aside from myself) that looks good in just a tee! While I'm sure his clothes,shoes etc. are out of my budget range I find many look-a-likes at Target and less pricey deparment store chains. The reason they pass is, I buy classic styles with a good fit.
Does Nate have a BF?
I like his pulled together look.


I think that Nate is a very nice and i love his work!


i have seen the designs nate did in the oprah show and it is evident in his works how he articulates scale, rhythmn, lines etc. from an almost-no-hope case into a very appealing look. he is not limited to the subjects around him rather makes a more profound sense of designing by making use of some of the furnitures that can be recycled. go nate, make the best of the talent that you have!


no nate does not have a bf because he is saving himself to marry me. hands off he's mine.

B. Smith Designs

I think Nate is definitely working with Oprah on much more than just combed cotton..ok? OK!

All I can say is the following:

I have over 14+ years of experience and lots of satisfied clients............I am all about classic contemporary..and do not talk with with a lisp.



BJ Murphy

Nate and his mate
I'm happy Nate survived the tsunami, but why did't you come out of the closet and tell Oprah that Fernando was your lover. It made me so mad!
How are we to make any progress if you can't be honest about something as basic as that. And Oprah, how about having some non-white tsunami victims?



I just read some of the notes above about Nate. I actually agree with most all of the comments. I have been in the design business for 25 years.. I have been gay for over 40 years. I saw him on the Oprah show sometime back, before the tsunami.. I thought.. hummm little cutie Nate is as gay as a goose!! and how nice it is to have an unlimited budget to re-do homes. I to have had unlimited budgets from time to time.. and anyone with a grain can do well. I hope Nate finds his "ass" with both hands , drags himself back down to earth and realizes that he is lucky to have a few breaks, like Oprah. We all wish that. Being humble is a virtue, which I finally saw from his Tsunami show on Oprah. I hope it continues.. He is lucky he is cute.. with that and large sums of $$ from clients.. he needs to appreciate it.. and realize if he was not.. as cute and as well placed by Oprah.. he would just be one of the other millions of designers who do good to excellent work.



To the above comment...I think Oprah knows that Nate is gay. When she kept referring to Fernando as Nate's partner and seeing how torn up he was about the missing Fernando, its obvious to anyone that Nate is queerer than a $3 bill. Why state the obvious? Why be in your face about it? He wasn't hiding his orientation, but neither was he putting it in people's face. It was tasteful, how it was handled. People are intelligent enough to figure it out without having it spelled out for them. If anyone needs someone to blatantly say what their orientation is, then they really need to get a life!


I'm very surprised when i read some of the above comments. Is it jealousy?? Is it: 'i do so, so he should do so too?' Why does he has to come forward if he's gay?? Nowadays being gay isn't about making a statement. You are or you aren' what?! He's also a talented designer. I think it isn't about the looks...look at Dr.Phil, the man is bold and oh so populair. Nate knows his skills. And that's what it's all about.

I'm very angry to read the remark: "Being humble is a virtue, which I finally saw from his Tsunami show on Oprah. I hope it continues..etc. etc."
Who are you to make such a comment?? So you have to experience a disaster to be humble?! I think and know Nate is a humble, decent and appreciative human being. Before and after the 'Tsunami' disaster. That remark lits a red light. Do you really understand what Nate has been through??? I don't think so or else you wouldn't have made that remark.

Nate is a grate person with a great personality. And i feel so sorry for him for what he has been through, also the other victims of the Tsunami. The disaster, the chaos around him, losing his partner, not knowing where he is.

I wish Nate all the best. Strength, courage and hope.
You're in my prayers.


NATE IS SOOOOO HOT!!!! holy!!! is he actually gay though? do people no that for sure?


Nate is so hot, nate is very handsome and cutest ,,,
I love his personality and his work...


I remember seeing him for the first time on Oprah. Yes, his attractive looks firstly captivated me, but as the show moved on, I realised how much he was like me or I was like him- personal taste, profession, mannerisms and personal maintenance. I knew he was gay- it was like looking in the mirror. That was before it was publicized that he was gay.

Now, in my own personal life, I'm sure that people speculate about my sexuality but it has never really mattered to them which is comforting. To me (about being gay), it isn't compassion, pity, understanding that is important, it is normality. Being treated the same as anyone else without a second thought about it.

All this publicity around Nate's sexuality annoys me because I don't understand why people would rather talk about that than the tragedy faced. I wonder if the world will be free from double standards.


i am shume from bangladesh.iam 23 girl. i saw nateberkus & his desing. he is the greatest designer i ever seen.

Louise Mookerjee

where can I found Nate Berkus sheet for bed and etc, TYou, Louise M


Fortunately, Oprah's shows are daily broadcasted over here (in Holland) and i have been following almost every single one but i gotta say that the ones with makeovers, lifestyles and homedecorations are my favorites! Especially when Nate is cos he's one of my favorite people (both as a person as well as a decorator). Indeed a very touching show about Nate's personal tragedy of the tsunami. May he find the strength, courage and hope to carry on!
One of his biggest fans!


nate is not only hot but a great designer, i love his new line from linen n things. ITs no ones business if he is gay or not.

Darron Sehayek

I wish I could have been born a Nate Berkus. He is talented, good looking and successful. He had a beautiful partner and knows Oprah personally. Yes, he has been lucky. He will never suffer I don't think although it just shows you that with all his money and power, he couldn't save his bf's life. As envious as what I am of Nate and his life, I sometimes think being an ordinary Joe makes life a little easier. Well done Nate for being who you are. Darron


Oprah should tell us why she is promoting gay people; Oprah's makeup artist Reggie, hair stylist Ander, and Nate all are GAY. Please tell us clearly why are you doing that? Oprah is Christian and she qoutes the bible so much, why cant she see that Homosexulity is an ABOMINATION. Please do not treat the bible like a supermarket - get the whole truth. What I know for sure: is that Oprah understands that children are luared into sexual abuse - what I want her to know for sure, is the same strategy is used with Homosexulity - you are drawn little by little.

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