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Couldn't find this product sold on the Internet anywhere. After a long search finally found it at:

What the hell is going on? How come no one is carrying it?


I can not find the canisters for the ready brush and want to know if you have any coupons for the canisters that goes into the LYSOL READY READY BRUSH FINALLY FOUND THEM AT WAL-MART.

A. Auxer

I have a ready brush and I love the concept. I have had a problem with the cleaning foam turning to a liquid and draining into the holder. I used my last $2.70 can three times. Tried the fourth and it blew fresh smelling air into my toilet bowl. Anyone else having this problem?

Estelle Long

T0 whom this may concern i have a suggestion i would
like to see personal size lysol erosal cans in the stores for the future. Myself I have a grandaughter
and it would be great for me to have it on me personally
for some of these bathrooms that do not accomedate with
toilet liners. Myself, i spray our bathroom after use
at the work place but it is a little bulky with the
large can. If I had one for my purse or suitcase it
would be great.


i am looking for the travel size lysol spray it was sold in stores many years ago do you think you can give me info on what website i can find this thanks

Marilyn Steber

I am very disappointed in this product. Not only is it hard for someone with bad thumbs to operate the button to release the foam, it is far more expensive for home use than I thought. The refill can doesn't last long enough. I have two toilets.


Hi! I recently purchased the remaining refills at my local store. Unfortunately I had thrown my Ready Brush out first. I have tried to locate a Ready Brush starter kit and finally called the company. Apparently they have discontinued this awesome item! Anyway, I now have several cans of the refills on hand and no way to use them. I'm going to try to sell them on ebay, listed under "lysol ready brush refills".

To the powers that be: Please redo the brush and the holder design but retain the smells and works great!

Jim Imes

I think the ready beush is great, however I can not find refills for the one I have. HELP!

Georgia Girl

I recently ran out of my last refill for the Lysol Ready Brush System. I love this product and it works great. I have never had any problems with the canister becoming empty after only three uses and I did use it frequently. The concept of this system was a great one. The system made the job effortless, the cleaner was effective at getting rid of the toilet bowl ring and made the entire bathroom smell great. The toilet stayed cleaner for a longer period of time so, the cost of the refills was well worth it. I had run into huge sale on the refills about a year ago and stocked up. Perhaps that retailer knew the product was to be discontinued and thus I got lucky when I ran into this sale. Does anyone out there know of a retailer who may still carry the refills? Thanks


I have a couple of cans coming that I found. what I am going to do though is take one of the empties and have an opening on it to refill and then pump with air. that way I can continue to use my ready brush. can't figure out why they would stop producing such a wonderful product though doesn't make sense. love ours


Has anyone been able to find the refills? We love this product. The scent is great.

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