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Shameka Kempson

Hello, I just wanted to know the name of the pants that Oprah was wearing through out the show. I would love to buy a few pair.
PS Please tell Oprah she's doing a fabulious job and to continue blessing people with her personality.

Bronx, New York


I really don't care what's Oprah's favorite things. She's mention's like the Blackbery, Ipod, etc., because people will buy them being that they are Oprah's fans and what most people don't know is that she gets paid for "Advertising" these things like she really cares who knows what she really owns. Although people who read gossip magazines, etc. are intrigued with her showing off and gloating. Remeber, she doen't do or advertise for free. She can but its rare. She's a lonley woman with millions of dollars. I guess the only thing you can do is shop, shop shop or else your bored. Also all of those gifts, prizes, cars, large expensive gift are all dontations from those companies. Not one cent comes out of her pocket. She is powerful and people want to make money so she is the best to advertise with. She makes money and so does those other company. She even make money from Dr. Phil. She does nothing for free. Only Charity, if she wants to. She turn down dozens of other celebrities who REALLY want to donate to charity and help. She Always turned them down and claims that she does things on her own. I'm, sure she does, but not like the way we think. She should gloat about how CHEAP she REALLY is.


Mike: Get a life! You are suffering from Oprah-envy.

We love Oprah!

Fran Berman

I figured the total prizes on today's show came to approx. $10,732. I hope the teachers have some money in the bank, because if the prizes are considered additional income, then they are subject to income tax. At the 38% bracket the bill would be $4078.16;at 30% $3219.60;at 25% $2683.00.

Does the Oprah show pay the taxes for them?

It's a GREAT marketing opportunity! And, a very entertaining show.


According to the IRS you can give gifts upwards of $11,000 a year without it being taxed as a gift, nor will the recipient have to claim it as income tax.

Natasha Grimm

I think that it's great that Oprah has something like this! She GETS people to donate things to her fans, and she pays for a lot of them too.. And I think that it's wonderful that she gives them away and doesn't keep them to herself like most famous people would. Yes, I also know that she is advertising for the company, but how wouldn't she be advertising?! It's Oprah Winfrey! Everybody loves her and idols her. I think that she is a really great person, and I especialy like watching her "Favorite Things" episodes, because I love to watch their reactions and how happy they get. As you can tell I idolize Oprah and think that she is truely an amazing person. I went to this website because I am researching her for a project I am doing for English 4. :) And I didn't know that there were people out there who didn't like Oprah. All of my friends including my family think that she's just the cutest. And after school my older sister and I watch her show a lot. So don't talk bad about Oprah.... She's awesome and has gone through a lot, and has helped SOOOOO many poeple!

Harelle Stith

I am doing my black history project on you can you e-mail me?

sheilah belle

How do I get on Oprah's most favorite things show. Please, please, please help me or give me direction.

Angel McGregor

I think Oprah is doing a great job. Oprah has been through many things unlike many of us. She has been abused when she was growing up, but look at her now! She an awesome person, who God has truly blessed!


So how do you get on her favorite things episode? Could you email me and tell me?


Is the following true: Oprah chose has one of her favorite sites? I just visited it and it's the simplest thing in the world. You'd think a 14-year-old designed it.
Where can one confirm Oprah's true favorites?



So is there a secret to it? Getting on the Oprah's favorite things show. I wanted to do something really cool for my mom and send her unexpecting to this fabulous show jam packed with goodies!...My mom rarely treats herself and I though this would be an awesome way to get her spoiled for once! If you have the secret I would love to be able to send her! Please e-mail me

[email protected]


janet lacondrata



Interesting to see how many people who post on your blog didn't actually read the entire post or simply don't get it. "leave Oprah alone! She helps lots of people!" No, my dear, the companies who seek product placement donate the items and beg her to mention them on the show. They must have some softly lit, fuzzy filtered, image of Oprah walking to Marshall Fields in Chicago with a shopping list and her checkbook..."what shall I get my lovely studio audience today....". I also love that you are assumed to be the ticket agent for Oprah's show by multiple readers. I am suprised that someone who can read a blog, type a response, and post it has absolutely NO idea what the message they are posting a response to actually said. More evidence of Oprah's legion of followers nodding in unison at every statement she makes...


I love Oprah, yes she's the greatest talk show host there is. I'm a katrina victim and I lost everything I own, including my car and my job. I'm displaced and can't find work anywhere. I write oprah often at least 3 times a year and I don't ask her for anything, because she's doing so much for other people. She can't do everything for everybody. I have made requests for other special people in my life such as my mom when she was looking for make-overs and doing special shows of course. Other than that I see what she's doing and she can only do so much. She gave someone a home I know (she too is a katrina victim) and I'm so greatful to her and Angel Care Network like if I'm the one who's been blessed. Overall I'm truly blessed. If its meant for any of us to meet oprah than it'll happen just be patient. If God doesn't bless us through Oprah than he'll use someone else perhaps ourselves. It doesn't have to be money, or anything materialistic, One thing I've been blessed with is good health and wisdom and for that I'm greatful!

Summer Silva

Could you please tell me how to be part of the Oprah's favorite things show?


For those of you who post negative comments about Oprah or anyone else, it amazes me how much free time you must have to sit at home and watch and criticize something or someone you dont really care for and then come into this website and post a negative comment.HOnestly what you should do is GET A LIFE of your own instead of living vicariously through a television tube. I admire you Oprah for all you do. Even if it is a Talk Show where you advertise for others. THe great thing about it is that you put a smile on everyone's face. Not everyone has that kind of gift, use it and abuse it, and to those who dont agree, get a hobby.


I was in the audience for the taping of Oprah's Favorite Things of 2005. First, getting in the audience is pure luck. Nothing more. Nothing less. Second Oprah paid all taxes on the gifts. Third, it was an honor to just be in the audience as a Katrina volunteer. I would have been happy to be part of that audience with or without the gifts. We had no idea it was her holiday show when we arrived at the studio. Oprah has donated so much money(out of her pocket) for homes and supplies for the Katrina victims. It would be good to see more celebrities following in her footsteps.


I love Oprah no matter what!!! I don't care what other people think about her!!! She's the greatest and I got her back!!!

Robin Crosby

My Co. is Boot Bouquet. I make sachets in the shape of a boot, to place in your boot as a freshener. It actually freshens the whole closet. I would like to have it considered for Oprah's Favorite Things. Is this possible. Can I send a sample. Please Advise.
Robin Crosby


I like Oprah and she does many things for people. I mean, the woman opened a bunch of schools for South African kids to go to.

And what other talk show can you win a car from?

Caroline Saccone

How do you get to be part of Oprah's favorite things show? I'm a fashion designer and want to send her one of my belts hoping it could make her favorite list. How do I go about sending her something and where do I send it to???


Are you people reading what this blog is about? This isn't where you get tickets or submit products for Oprah. I mean, um yeah send your products and money for tix to 12345 sesame street c/o big bird & snuffalupogous.

sandy dalsas

how do I send Oprah something for her to consider for her "favorite things" show. Thanks


Hello, I just wanted to know the name of the pants that Oprah was wearing through out the show. (BLACK PANTS)I would love to buy them

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