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Jame Ross

I know this comment is a bit late for this article, but I think VW and Peter are missing the point of the minibus. I am a 46 year old engineer and I own a 1970 Type 2 Bus and a 71 Karmann Ghia which I drive regularly. I would be MUCH more interested in buying a new Type2 running on propane from Brazil than this new concept bus. which I think is really ugly to begin with. The appeal of the orginal Bus is that it is inexpensive, rugged, easy to maintain and can be easily modified to meet the owners needs. The new concept bus is expensive, complicated and given the horrible reliability of the new Beetle, a maintenance nightmare. I think VW would be much smarter to design an "Open Source" vehicle using concepts from the software world. Build a modular vehicle system which supports several basic models which start in the $10K region. Make it easy for 3rd party companies to build mods by publishing/licensing an API.. Instead of replacing the vehicle every few years, provide upgrades ..engines etc and licence companies to keep making improvements. This takes advantage of all the people and small companies which have provided a eco system for the current aircooled vehicles and provide a revenue stream which doesn't require huge investments. The profit margin may be smaller oneach vehicle but there are a LOT more people who can afford a $10K-$15K vehicle than some $35K vehicle designed for wealthy yuppies, aging or not.

What I don't understand is why VW is ignoring the huge customer base what made the original Beetle the best selling car of all time. The original vision of VW was a affordable vehicle for the working person and now its all about chasing the high profit margins for wealthy people (Touareg, Phaeton, etc) .. as that segment seems stupid enough to pay $60K for a $25K vehicle. VW could be different and be "retro" enough to go back to its orginal customer base.

Sincerely Yours
James Ross
MIT '79

Carlos Andrade

autoweek link is dead

James D. Tyrell

Produce a highly fuel efficient (TDI and/or Hybrid) minibus and the customers will flock! Go retro but also apeal to the 90's and up generation. The timming is perfect in view of world events. No body wants a minivan, everyone wants a minibus!


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