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I sare the same obsession. I'm leaving "gebaudesraum" and travelling into a parallel universe: I plan on living in one. The great challenge is doing it here in the city!

Margo Yoder

I love these trailers, too! I loved them so much I acutally BOUGHT one (an old 1965 Caravel) and now have it in Denver ready to upgrade and restore. It is quite a challenge since I know nothing about this project, but, hey, am learning more every day.

One of my ideas was to eventually use my trailer to rent out (along with my services) for promotional events such as races, parades, sport tail-gater type parties and other public events where there are commercial promotional possibilities with radio stations, local manufacturers, senior citizen groups... anyway WATCH the Apprentice Thursday 2/17 to see candidates compete to create successful businesses inside Airstream trailers!


i LOVE airstreams. they are a bit pricey though compared to their uncool counterparts. i would love to have one as "high end" as these; WiFi, flatscreen, MP3 compatible, etc. however, i just can't justify the expense right now in my life. do you know of any other companies that are offering "cooler" RVs that don't have all that cheap looking wood veneer and frosted glass mess?


Mark Miele

This is my first attempt to post a comment on this site and I have Airstream fever too. I try to resist such materialistic ridiculousness, but it is what it is (a passion for things I find emotionally satisfying).


Jan Ed

Coolest thing ever are these vintage trailers they rent out in Huntington Beach, CA. We rented the Caravel Lounge to host my husbands 50th birthday with a "martini-lounge" theme. It has all the modern conveniences like a flat screen and satellite radio. This company, Retro Retreats brings the trailer to you, and you just design your event around it. Check out if your crazy about Airstreams..... Very hip!


Like everyone else here I love airstrems, what is it? The love of quality and uniqueness? I am so happy there are other people who feel the same as I do about these.

phoenix rv rental

tell me about it I'm from montreal canada and often we escape the winters here in pheonix az arizona. Well this year re rented a Airstream rv rental travel trailers and it was just amazing if you are ever there check them out

magnaflow 16707

thanks for this

jordan 7

An MP3 compatible stereo, a flat screen satellite TV system, a DVD player and a WiFi Internet connection and who wouldn't want to spend a weekend in one of these.

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